Niklas Sundin, Dark Tranquillity

Niklas Sundin - Dark Tranquillity

DARK TRANQUILLITY holds the esteemed distinction as being one of the bands responsible for founding an entirely new genre of death metal music in the early '90s, which came to be known as "The Gothenburg Sound." Throughout each release, the band would explore the creative dimensions of expression, drawing upon science and mythology in their songwriting while focusing on such topics as chaos theory, psychology, art, varying states of consciousness and self-destruction. It was these lyrical aspects coupled with their stunning musical contradictions between captivating melodies and sheer brutality that helped them pioneer the famed melodic death sound.

Sakis, Rotting Christ

Sakis - Rotting Christ

ROTTING CHRIST was formed in 1987 with the original line-up Sakis (vocals, guitar), Jim (bass), Themis (drums) incorporating a roaring mixture of death metal and grind (a style that was at its height in the rest of the world at that time except, of course, Greece). Early on ROTTING CHRIST produced two informal recordings ("Decline's Return" and "Leprosy Of Death") which basically consist of rehearsals and are not considered official by the band. Let it be noted that ROTTING CHRIST were particularly young (around 16 years old). In 1988 the band recorded their first split 7" EP with Sound Pollution, which includes 9 of their songs! Naturally the style is grindcore as is the lyrical side (for example "Asthmatic Apoplexy", "Myxomycetes Attack", "Thyrotoxicosis", "Artificial Hypertrophy"). This particular year, the band decided to dedicate itself solely to black/death metal following the footsteps of Bathory, Venom, Possessed and Celtic Frost. So, in 1989 they circulated their first official demo, the notorious 5-track "Satanas Tedeum". The result was incredibly dark and violent black metal, which the band themselves characterized as "Abyssic Death Metal". This is only because the term black metal was not yet established in the underground and death and black metal were more or less interchangeable in those days. This demo did its rounds in the underground and gave the band a very good name, establishing ROTTING CHRIST as one of the originators of the second wave of black metal. In the piece "Feast Of The Grand Whore" one can hear keyboards that were unique for that era and for death metal.

Jason Piona, Blood Promise

Jason Piona - Blood Promise


Derek Bonner, Blood Promise

H. D. Bonner - Blood Promise


Rich Ward, Fozzy, Stuck Mojo

Rich "The Duke" Ward

I am Richard Park Ward, aka The Duke. In case you’re wondering, I picked up this moniker after a German heavy metal writer declared that “if Zakk Wylde is the King of Modern Rock Guitar, then certainly Rich Ward is The Duke.” Not being a big fan of John Wayne’s westerns I initially resisted, but it eventually stuck.

"...this collection of wood and wires became my new purpose in life..."

Ryan Mallam

Ryan Mallam
Independent Recording Artist

Patrik Von Porat, Cromonic

Patrik Von Porat - Cromonic

Born in 1979. I started playing guitar at the age of 10. I have always been into classical music, so when i first heard Yngwie Malmsteen I was totally blown away. So I guess that has something to do with my neoclassical kind of style. But I've also listened alot to guitarists like Steve Morse, Jason Becker, Michael Romeo, John Pettrucci and Steve Vai.

Marios, Nightrage

Marios Iliopoulos - Nightrage

The band’s core (which can be seen as a best of worlds between Greece and Sweden, really) nevertheless remained the same: leading force Marios Iliopoulos and his Greek countryman axe-partner Gus G. (ex-Dream Evil, also in Firewind) once more display intimidating composing teamwork flow and Tompa Lindberg (ex-At The Gates) adds the undisputed best extreme Metal vocals for a band of their style into the mix.

Jasone, Soundevice

Jason Grover - Soundevice

Billy, Soundevice

Billy Grey - Soundevice