Read what the players have to say about J. Nunis Custom Guitars


Zakk Wylde - Ozzy, Black Label Society

Kick-ass guitar! Thing thing has girth...

Niklas Sundin - Dark Tranquillity

An unbelievably cool Dark tranquillity axe, courtesy of J.Nunis custom guitars. This little baby plays like a monster! Huge thanks to Jim and Jason for making it happen - I'm truly impressed and can't wait to use it onstage tonight!

Rich Ward - Stuck Mojo, Fozzy, The Duke

Gibson hasn't made a good guitar in the last 25 years, so I play Nunis!

Sakis - Rotting Christ, Greece

I finally met the evil! I've finally got maybe the most metallic sounding, and looking guitar ever! Everything is really well done and professional, the materials are really great! Good quality, it's easy to play, (as I am use to a Gibson fret board) and the sound; man is it gorgeous and straight in your face...

Jason Piona - Blood Promise

Wow! This is how a kick-ass metal machine should be built. Jim knew exactly what I wanted. I do not leave home without it. Well worth the money and short wait for such a killer guitar. The best thing about it is it's one of a kind! Jim has my eternal gratitude!

Wendell Walker

Jim Nunis is VERY accommodating to a player's wishes when it comes to building that person's dream guitar. This guitar needs no help from an amp to sound amazing. I was in the market for a PRS and played every one in town but couldn't find the magic those guitars once had. I chose this one because it has that special quality that only hand made guitars have... soul. With my J.Nunis Custom I've finally found my voice.

Patrik Von Porat - Cromonic

I'm proud to announce that I just received my J.Nunis custom guitar. It's a dream to play and the sound is just incredible! If I could only choose one guitar to play for the rest of my life, it would be this one. Special thanks to Jim Nunis for making this come true.

Dave Calhoun

Thick warm sound, that's very articulate. Nice mids, balanced low-end, and smooth highs, the most versatile of 10 guitars that I own. Jim is the man!! After just meeting him, he seemed like an old friend. Cordial and accommodating; with his knowledge and time. He stands behind his guitars 100%. I've never had any problems, and I know if I did, JIm would rectify them, quickly!

A Lifetime warranty on all his guitars, cant ask for any better than that! If you want a custom guitar, built to exact specs, with shining customer service, and a wealth of builder knowledge, give Jim a call!!! This thing just smokes!


I do compare this guitar to that of a Les Paul and a PRS. I wanted something similar to each but not just another LP or PRS, so I went with the J. Nunis, and I'm glad I did,, I LOVE THIS GUITAR!!

I plan on having another one built in the near future. Jim offers so many different features, I just need sometime to figure out what I want!!

Ryan Mallam

Sounds incredible for any style. I have played in Heavy Metal to Pop Rock bands and couldn't have found a better guitar.

I have played 20 live shows with the first Nunis Custom ever made for me and the only thing that had to be done was sanding of the back of the maple neck to get the sweat stains and grime from my acidic hands taken care of.

Every show I have played with FOZZY (heavy metal band featuring members of Stuck Mojo and Chris Jericho of the WWE) I never brought a back-up with me to the gig.

The minute I picked up the guitar I gave Jim a check and told him to sell my Les Paul on ebay after he repaired it.


I've been playing 30 years. I have a Les Paul Custom, a Fender Custom Shop telecaster, a Fender Strat, a Martin HD28, and a couple of low budget instruments. If either of my J. Nunis guitars were stolen or lost, I would have a ball going through the wood pile again. My favorite thing about them is the playability. The thing I like least about them is that they spoil me. When I play another guitar, I get sloppy.

Wayne - Custom Nunis

I've played for 20 years, I own a 83" Fender strat elite, 63' Gibson Melody Maker, 1933 National Duolian, 1987 Taylor 410. I love everything about this guitar if I lost this I would order another as soon as I could. This was a gift to me from my wife, I don't know what she paid but it was worth it. I would like to thank Jim for building my perfect guitar.

Kerry - Custom Nunis

I've been playing for 34 years. I own a wide variety of guitars and amps. Most of my guitars just sit in their cases while I use my Nunis guitar. The color on the top is incredible. It really brings the flame out. I would have another built if it was stolen. The best feature is the way it just sits with you and flows as you play it. A lot of guitars fight you, this one is an extension of you. I was going to buy another flamed Gibson Les Paul, but after I checked this out I couldn't. I'm thinking of selling my PRS.

Pai Chung - Standard

It's got all the features of a historic LP but wrapped in a more comfortable package. This guitar feels better, sounds better and looks about the same ha ha! as a Les Paul and price wise I think it is more bang for the bucks. Got to get used to the slanted frets but after that very comfortable.


The most kick-ass guitars ever made, thanks so much!

Drew - (Tonehawk )

Nunis guitars are the finest playing, most tone full guitars I've ever played. I'll match these against any other guitars on the market.