Jim Nunis - In Loving Memory, R.I.P. 5/18/06

Jim NunisIt is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we bring to you all the news of the passing of James Edward Nunis, Jim to his friends and he had many.  Jim fell ill with cancer around the middle of last year but wasn’t diagnosed with it until late fall.  By that time is cancer was at Stage 4 in his kidney and had already spread to his lungs and his bones.  With so much cancer in his body, his doctors decided that removing the one bad kidney would be counter productive to the fight Jim had before him.  He was put on a study treatment program to try and slow the growth of the tumors.  At the end of that study thorough examinations were done and it was determined that there had been a 30% decrease of the overall mass of the tumors.  Jim came off that program and had his medications switched to give him a break from that study.  The cancer came back fast and strong.  Jim deteriorated quickly over the next few weeks.  He was admitted to St. Josephs Hospital on May 9th.  Every day after that Jim’s health declined even more.  We were rapidly loosing him.  On Wed., May 17th, Jim was admitted into a hospice facility for terminally ill patients.  By the next afternoon Jim had passed.

Jim loved life so much.  He was a kind person who would help a friend in need without hesitation.  In his short time on this earth he became an enthusiast of so many things.  He loved riding bikes and skateboards.  He loved his Gordon Setters.  He was the biggest fan of all things “Eric Clapton”.  He built guitar amps for a while.  In his last years he had perfected the art of luthiery (guitar building).  He was a master.  Part woodworker, part sculptor, Jim crafted some of the finest electric guitars you will ever find

His guitars are in the hands of some of the most accomplished players in the world.  Jim retired from the corporate world and went in to building guitars full time and quickly made a name for himself.  By the middle of 2005, orders were coming in faster than he could keep up.  It was time for J.Nunis Custom Guitars to take the next big step into the realm of elite guitar builders.  Then he got the news of his condition.

At that point it all became about Jim’s health.  All of us who worked with him and all his other friends and family rallied around him to help him with the fight.  And Jim fought it hard to the end.  He had his dream and he so desperately wanted to see it come to fruition.  In growing his company to the point it had gotten to by the time he got his bad news, he had assembled a core group of people who have been working to grow the business.  The four of us have decided that we are going to continue growing the business and achieve Jim’s dream for him.  The new mission statement for the corporation will be a tribute to the man that got it to this point.  We can think of no better way to pay respect to a man who has done so much for us.

He will be greatly missed.

Wendell Walker
Jason Piona
Ryan Mallam
Jon “J.B.” Brown